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Bedsores (sometimes called Pressure Ulcers) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. They usually affect people confined to bed or who sit in a chair or wheelchair for long periods of time. They’re most common on the heels, buttocks and base of the spine.
Injuries can range from a graze to deep tissue injures going to the nerves and bones. This can lead to long term disability, infection / sepsis or even death. Most bedsores are avoidable and would not have occurred if proper care had been taken. Investigating whether there is a claim for compensation is complex and requires specialist knowledge.
Alan Curtis Solicitors has been helping people who have suffered bedsores for over 12 years. All advice and assistance given is on a no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to the client. Even the call is free 08000 654 333.


If you have suffered as a result of lack of care or medical negligence then we can help you.  Clinical negligence is a very complex area and we have a team of clinical as well as legal experts who can advise.

Alan Curtis Solicitors has been helping people in need of assistance in clinical matters for over 25 years. All advice and assistance given is on a no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to the client. Even the call is free 08000 654 333.


When medical mistakes are made during childbirth, it can lead to devastating consequences. Occasionally, mistakes may be made in antenatal care, during labour and delivery, or soon after birth. A birth injury can have a life-changing impact on the whole family. 

We have clinical and legal experts who can advise with over 25 years of experience. All advice and assistance given is on a no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to the client. Even the call is free 08000 654 333.


If you have been injured in work then in most cases you will be entitled to compensation. Your employer has a legal duty to provide you with a safe place of work as well as a safe system and equipment. In some instances, you may be able to claim compensation for an existing injury that has been made worse by the accident.

We have successfully handled hundreds of workplaces claims over 25 years and have recovered tens of thousands of pounds for individual clients. We are able to help you get the full compensation that you deserve. All work is done on a ‘no win no fee basis so there is no financial risk to you. This includes all first consultations so there is nothing to lose in you making an enquiry. It may change your life. Even the call is free 08000 654 333.


Whether the claim involves a minor whiplash injury or a serious head injury amounting to substantial damages, Alan Curtis Solicitors has assisted thousands of clients over 25 years. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds compensation and sometimes more than a million pounds for a single client. A motor claim injury can range from minor symptoms to catastrophic consequences for an innocent party.

Whatever the situation or injury, it does not cost you anything to make an enquiry so why not give us a chance to pursue your rightful claim. You will get expert advice and support from beginning to end. Even the call is free 08000 654 333.


Claims arising from misdiagnosis can result from delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose at all. Common misdiagnosis include cancer with devasting results. Similarly, wrong diagnosis of brain injuries can have serious consequences.

If you have been wrongly diagnosed, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact our specialist legal and medical team for an assessment of your case. Call us on 0800 0654333.

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No Win No Fee Charges Explained

Rest assured, you pay nothing if your claim fails. We only make deductions from your compensation if it succeeds. Below we explain how no win no fee charges and costs work. We guarantee a minimum of 75% of damages recovered. There is no further contribution towards costs regardless of any legal costs which have been incurred or not recovered for whatever reason.

When considering a personal injury claim, you may be worried that you'll be left out of pocket if your claim is unsuccessful or even that most of your compensation will be taken up by solicitor's fees.

At Alan Curtis Solicitors we do everything we can to avoid you being impacted financially because of your accident. Recovering from an injury can be costly, and we know how important it is for you to get support to cover the costs by adding your additional losses like treatment costs, consultation fees and out of pocket expenses.

After you've suffered a painful injury which wasn't your fault, you do not deserve to be left under financial pressure.

We have measures in place to protect you from no win no fee hidden costs and charges, so there won't be any surprises along the way.

You can speak to us for free, impartial advice on 0800 065 4333 or fill in our online form above. We'll be happy to answer your questions and can help you understand whether you could make a claim.