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The pain caused by pressure sores can be very serious.
If you have received hospital or nursing care and suffered a pressure sore you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering and monetary loss.

Pressure Sore Claim

“ The service you provide is second to none from the first contact to the last, I was extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend you unreservedly.”

Mrs J, Monmouth

Tens of thousands of pounds have already been paid out to individuals who have suffered unnecessarily. Mrs G received £22,000 as a result of developing grade 3 pressure sores to her heels during an admission to hospital.

Pressure Sores

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What are Pressure Sores?

Pressure sores (also known as pressure ulcers or bed sores) are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin.
Bed sores can affect any part of the body that is put under pressure. They are more common on bony parts of the body such as the heels, lower back and sacrum area.

The pain caused by bed sores can be very serious. If you have received hospital or nursing care and suffered a pressure sore you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering and monetary loss.

Sometimes, people may incur financial loss as a result of bedsores. This can range from requiring more care and assistance to having to pay for medication, treatment or travel to hospital. This loss can be claimed if it transpires the bedsore was avoidable and should not have occurred.

Do you have a Pressure Sores Claim?

Most pressure sores could have been avoided. If you or a close member of your family has suffered from a pressure sore we can help. Let our team take the pressure off you and gain the compensation that you are entitled to.

We are a trusted and experienced practice of solicitors of over 25 years with our own team of specialist medical experts. Having Specialised in Pressure Sores for over ten years, we have advised hundreds of clients and successfully won hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation for clients.

What causes Bedsores?

Bed sores can develop when a person is left sitting or staying in one position for too long. Some disabilities or ailments such as Diabetes, Dementia or reduced mobility can make a person more prone to developing sores which, with the right care, would have been avoided. Sadly, if left untreated can cause great suffering or even death.

Bed sores have stages ranging from a grade 1 where the skin starts to discolour, usually red and can develop right up to grade 4 where bone or tendon become exposed. This may have been avoided with proper care. There are assessments and procedures that hospitals and care homes should follow to prevent bedsore injuries.

Typically, a bed sore to the heels will develop if a patient’s heels are not off loaded or given appropriate footwear. A bed sore to the sacrum can develop if a pressure relief mattress is not provided or a patient with mobility issues is not being turned.

How do you prevent Bed Sores?

To reduce the risk of getting a bed sore there are some things you or a carer should do. This includes regularly changing your position and checking your skin every day for early signs and symptoms of the pressure sore – this should be done by your care team if you are in a care home or a hospital. Risk assessments should be performed to monitor your skin and use preventative measures such as regular repositioning.

There are special pressure relief mattresses that can also be used to help prevent bed sores. Many factors need to be considered when looking after a patient and giving them the best care. Patients who experience cardiac arrest may be at increased risk of skin damage because the blood supply to the skin is diminished by a sudden fall in blood pressure. Patients with peripheral arterial disease may be at increased risk of damage to their heels. 88 % of hospital-acquired grade 4 pressure sores were on patient’s heels.
(Guy, 2011)



"My husband was in a care home when he developed a severe pressure sore injury. I needed a solicitor and I was looking through the a magazine and I saw Alan Curtis Solicitors advertise that the specialised in pressure sore cases. I telephoned Mr. Curtis and discussed my husbands case and he said he would be happy to receive instructions from me. I was very pleased with how he handled everything, he instructed experts to examine my husband and he kept me informed throughout the whole procedure. I was delighted with the result and ended up with a far better settlement than I had ever expected."

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I first contacted Alan Curtis Solicitors following the pressure sore injuries that I received after the birth of my son… I was in a lot of pain, I was very distressed, I was unable to feed my son correctly or even sit down. I gave Alan a call… I spoke to him directly. It was a really nice conversation. From that time to the completion of my case updated me regularly. It was great! All of this communication was able to be held over the telephone or email, which is really practical when you have a new-born baby.

Hannah, Previous Client

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No Win No Fee Charges Explained

Rest assured, you pay nothing if your claim fails. We only make deductions from your compensation if it succeeds. Below we explain how no win no fee charges and costs work. We guarantee a minimum of 75% of damages recovered. There is no further contribution towards costs regardless of any legal costs which have been incurred or not recovered for whatever reason.

When considering a personal injury claim, you may be worried that you'll be left out of pocket if your claim is unsuccessful or even that most of your compensation will be taken up by solicitor's fees.

At Alan Curtis Solicitors we do everything we can to avoid you being impacted financially because of your accident. Recovering from an injury can be costly, and we know how important it is for you to get support to cover the costs by adding your additional losses like treatment costs, consultation fees and out of pocket expenses.

After you've suffered a painful injury which wasn't your fault, you do not deserve to be left under financial pressure.

We have measures in place to protect you from no win no fee hidden costs and charges, so there won't be any surprises along the way.

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